Bulk box of 100 used tennis balls for use as dog toys, still in great condition and with good bounce left. We collect these balls from tennis facilities nationwide, so there will be a good mix of different brands.

We offer Free Return Shipping for your chewed up, expired balls to be sent back to us for recycling once your pup is done with them! As a nonprofit we strive to keep our prices as low as possible, and while all our profits from selling these eco friendly dog toys will go towards our mission of making tennis more sustainable and recycling all tennis balls worldwide, most of our revenue is currently spent on shipping.

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Tennis Balls For Dogs

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Treat your furry friend to a world of scents with our upcycled tennis balls – sourced from over 10,000 partners nationwide!

Purchase options:

100 Balls

Trial Size (25 Balls)


100% Happiness


All returned balls are grinded up and repurposed as horse footing, tennis courts, stucco replacements and landscaping mulch!

We are still continuing to Research and Develop new products that would use our recycled tennis ball material.

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Why Your Dog Loves Used Tennis Balls

A cardboard box spilling out numerous yellow tennis balls.

Each Ball Is A Unique Smell

Don’t let your pet settle for the same new ball smell every time.

Treat your furry friend to a world of scents with our upcycled tennis balls – sourced from over 10,000 partners nationwide!

Paw-Approved Savings

As a dog owner, you know the drill: buy a new tennis ball, toss it around with your pup for a few minutes, and then rip - it's in pieces on the ground.

Not only is it a bummer to see your furry friend destroy their new toy so quickly, but it can also start to add up in the wallet department.

Brown and white dog happily holding a tennis ball in its mouth.

Keeping Fetch Sustainable

When your dog is done, send the chewed up balls back to us in any condition and we’ll recycle them for free!

With a mission to keep all tennis balls out of landfills, we provide a wide variety of final-life products including horse arena footing and tennis court filling.

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