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Animal Shelter

Ready to make some tails wag? Dogs seen playing at shelters are 70% more likely to be adopted. Your donation helps us provide recycled tennis balls to animal shelters across the country! 

Bulk Deliveries to Shelters

Roughly 3.1 million dogs enter shelters each year with an average wait of 35 days before being adopted. Waiting can feel like a lifetime; playing with tennis balls reduces boredom and curbs negative behaviors. After all, we want those precious pups in furever homes. 

Bonus, those balls don’t end up in landfills and add to the over 150 million metric tons of trash Americans produce every single year. It’s a win-win!

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Think of all the happy tails when your donation
of our recycled tennis balls bounces its way to adoptable pooches everywhere.

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How Do Shelters Catch Your Donations?

Your monetary donation equals a pre-determined number of recycled tennis balls. When we round up enough balls, we'll ship them out in bulk to animal shelters in our partner program. Sending in bulk keeps shipping costs down, which allows us to stuff those boses with ore balls.

Let's be honest, getter a ton of recyceld tennis balls to play with is so much better than just getting one.

Here's a Treat for you: 

Receive a printable donation certificate

We love that you love puppies and saving the world, so we’ll send you a certificate of awesomeness for being the super hero you are!

All donations are tax deductable

Saving the planet and saving money? Who doesn’t love that?! Maybe that tax deduction can go toward adopting a new furry friend. Wink. Wink.

3 tennis balls for every $1 donated

No gimmicks! We send your donation of our upcycled tennis balls directly to one of our partner animal shelters.